Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dansk Teak Serving Tray with End-grain Cutting Board

I posted this find a few days ago on Facebook - $1.71 at Goodwill (where do they get these prices?).

Technically this is more of a platter with a cutting surface, for cheese, fruit, etc. It's about 12 inches in diameter and in very good condition (no major gouges, with a surface that's just a bit dirty).

Dansk would cut small pieces of end-grain teak to get the butcher-block effect - these were inset into a routed space then sanded flush - an interesting technique that would hold up well provided the platter wasn't left submerged in water (I've seen more than one butcher-block platter made in this manner with pieces missing from the glue-up).

As a bonus, this example was made in Denmark (rather than Malaysia or elsewhere) so the teak is probably from Northern Europe. Full Dansk and IHQ brand on the bottom.

Apparently whomever priced this at Goodwill thought the top was the bottom (usually the price is marked on the bottom of these types of items). I was surprised to find this as it was mid-day and most of the dealers had already grabbed-up anything of perceived value. I'll post a pick later after I've cleaned it up - this one is a keeper.

-- John

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